Terms and Conditions

Algarve Racing.Info offers information as updated as possible about activities and Experiences within its remit, with the objective of advertise, promote and sell our service providers products to the public. In general, activities that take place in Portugal.
Ticket prices include VAT at the legal rate.
The information on this site is solely meant for general information of the user.
1. Cancellation and amendment of the activities
If you wish to cancel or change an appointment, you must do it with a minimum of 72 hours in advance. In case of cancellation with refund request, only 90% of the amount paid will be refunded. The remaining 10% will not be returned due to the costs of the payment process. Requests for cancellation or amendment with notice less than the time limits will mean the loss of right to a new appointment, as well as 100% of premium. Once the reservation is made, should you fail to appear on the date, time and location marked, without having informed us in writing about your cancellation as mentioned above, you forfeit your right to a new appointment. Should it be necessary to cancel the execution of an booked activity for reasons beyond our control (eg weather) we will inform the client within the shortest possible time and will make every effort to grant an alternative date at the clients convenience.
2. Change of Ownership
If the holder of a Experience Voucher sent by Algarve Racing.Info, for reasons beyond our control, cannot be present at the venue, it’s always possible to change your title with no costs at all, simply send an email to reservations@algarveracing.info indicating the number of the Experience Voucher, as well as the name of the new holder.
3. Refunds
In case of cancellation under the conditions referred in paragraph 1, the refund is always made to the entity or person who purchased the Experience Voucher, unless otherwise indicated. Reimbursement is made by the same means of payment.
4. Location, Description, Duration of activities and transportation
Our service providers are located on the Algarve in Portugal and are in continuous change. Sometimes, for reasons that are extraneous to us, we are forced to withdraw some Experience offers. In such cases and already reserved Experience, we’ll try to offer the same Experience at alternative locations, but subject to the clients acceptance.
Experience descriptions may change without prior notice (including the duration and service included), and its implementation subject to availability and restrictions imposed by our service providers. Unless otherwise specified, each Experience to be performed in conjunction with others, can lead to some waiting time. In our offered Experiences, unless otherwise stated, are not included transport, accommodation and meals.
5. Unforeseen Weather Conditions and Technical
The achievement of many of our Experiences are dependent on favorable weather conditions. If some experience is canceled due to weather, we will contact you via the contact information provided to inform about the situation.  A new reservation will be offered, always subject to weather conditions on the respective day.
6. Insurance
The risks inherent in the provision of activities, are covered by insurance provided by our suppliers and partners, in the amounts required by law.